Wyze Cam – The Cheapest Solution of your Home’s Safety

Wyze Cam – The Cheapest Solution of your Home’s Safety

They say good things come in small packages, and I hope that’s true of the Wyze Cam. I’m actually shocked by how small the camera and box are- could something this small be powerful?

Oh, and another thing. This camera’s only $25.98, making it by far the most affordable camera we’ve seen. Plus, it boasts amazing features, like 1080p HD video, eight times optical zoom, and integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Wyze Cam has a lot of cool features like:

  • Infrared night vision
  • 14 days of free cloud storage
  • Eight times digital zoom
  • Integrations with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT
  • Two-way audio
  • 1080p HD video
  • Motion detection


Video-wise, the camera is pretty good but not ideal. I’m happy with the 1080p HD, the industry standard, as well as the camera’s ability to zoom in eight times digitally. However, the field of view is a bit narrower than I’d like at 110 degrees. The field of view is less relevant, however than other cameras as the Wyze Cam can rotate 360 degrees around. 

Audio Quality:

The Wyze Cam has two-way audio. That means you’ll be able to speak to whoever you’re recording, whether you’re a floor above them or 1,000 miles away. If you know anything about two-way audio, you know that it can be particularly useful while an intrusion is happening.


Praise! The Wyze Cam offers both local and cloud storage for 14 days- completely free! I really have nothing bad to say about that. Having both cloud and local storage is important so that you can back up your footage. If the cloud storage fails, you still have the local storage, and vice versa.

Smart Platform Integration:

Integrations wise, you can pair the Wyze Cam with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or IFTTT. This camera would be great for someone already in the Amazon ecosystem, and the IFTTT integrations will make for hundreds of home automation. The Wyze Cam gets full marks for storage.

Artificial Intelligence:

Given the cost of this camera, I’m pretty impressed that it has smart sound recognition for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This means that if one of your detectors go off, the camera will hear it and will immediately alert you via mobile notification. It’s a great feature if you have old-school smoke/CO detectors that aren’t connected to your phone, as the Wyze basically transforms then into connected devices.

Some limitations of Wyze:

No doubt, Wyze has so many cool features but it has its limitation too:

  • Only 4 infrared LEDs for night vision
  • No support for 5GHz networks
  • 24/7 recording limited to local storage
  • Can only monitor through the Wyze app

Buy Wyze Cam on Amazon.

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