Man Thought He Was Following Orders from The President in Anthem Attack

Law firm: Guy Imagined He Was Pursuing Orders from Trump in Anthem Assault

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — A lawyer states that a Montana man charged with attacking a 13-year-old boy who refused to remove his hat through the national anthem thought he had been doing exactly what President Donald Trump needed him to perform.

Attorney Lance Jasper informs the Missoulian he’ll seek out a mental health test for Curt Brockway, a U.S. Army veteran who suffered a traumatic head injury and has been convinced he had been after his commander in chief’s orders.

Jasper’s remarks Wednesday came as Brockway was charged by prosecutors with assault.

Prosecutors say the boy to remove his hat was requested by Brockway.

They say that the boy cussed out Brockway, then Brockway got him by the throat,”lifted him into the air and slammed the boy to the floor ”

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