Dak Prescott turns down 30 Million contract

Dak Prescott turns down 30million contract

Dak Prescott turns down 30 Million contract – When Dallas Cowboys finally approached Dak Prescott to broach the topic of his inevitable contract extension, they did so with an initial offer in hand. Dak Prescott is one of several core players the Dallas Cowboys have been negotiating a long-term contract extension with leading up to the season, and apparently the quarterback has some significant demands.

The Cowboys are currently looking to extend Prescott while also working on a new deal for their star wide receiver Amari Cooper, who is entering the final season in his four-year, $22.6 million rookie contract that he signed with the Oakland Raiders. Dallas is already trying to come to terms on an extension for their disgruntled star running back Ezekiel Elliott, who has threatened to sit out the upcoming season if he doesn’t get a new contract.

Prescott turned down an offer from the Cowboys that would have paid him somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million annually. That would place him among the five highest-paid quarterbacks in football.

A $30-million contract sat on the table for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and he reportedly opted to decline. The deal would have placed his salary level with Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

The third-year product out of Mississippi State emerged to grab the starting job for the Cowboys after Tony Romo was sidelined with an injury during Prescott’s rookie year. After being drafted in the fourth round in 2016, Prescott showed instant leadership and turned in a solid first year as a game manager while also showcasing upside.

In the seasons since, Dak has become a more vocal leader and commands the offense like he hadn’t previously. He is now battle-tested and has a multitude of weapons to choose from. Prescott is capable of dominating with his arm and has the ability to take off and run in key moments. The emergence of a quick rapport with Cooper has also been a huge help for Prescott’s game. A full season together could make them brutally tough for any opponent.

Dak Prescott’s Value

While Prescott’s career completion percentage of 66.1 and passer rating of 96.0 are above average, his rookie season in 2016 — when threw 23 touchdown passes compared to just four interceptions — was by far his best. Very few people would argue he is a top-five NFL quarterback, so you can understand why the Cowboys might be hoping he will take less. They also still have to pay Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper, and Prescott could help them keep those offensive pieces together by signing a team-friendly deal.

Within the last two years, Wilson, Ryan, Carson Wentz, and Aaron Rodgers have signed extensions that came with guarantees upwards of $98 million. Prescott may be looking for a deal that reflects this new benchmark in guaranteed money for starting quarterbacks.

Prescott is in the final year of his four-year, $2.7 million rookie contract.

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