Antonio Brown dispute with NFL,angry tweets, explained

Antonio Brown Dispute with NFL

Antonio Brown Dispute with NFL – Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr. is an American football wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

What was the Reason of Antonio Brown Dispute with NFL?

Antonio Brown’s bizarre offseason took a turn when news broke that the All-Pro wide receiver was ready to sit out and not play for the Raiders. It wasn’t because he wanted to be traded, or that he’s unhappy with his pay — Brown wanted to use his old helmet (Schutt AiR Advantage helmet).

Brown received notice that his helmet, the same one he’s been playing in since his rookie season, is no longer certified for use by the NFL. This means he’s being required by the league to move to a new approved model for the upcoming season, and that isn’t something he’s interested in doing.

A statement made on Twitter by NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy makes it seem unlikely Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown would be approved to wear a helmet that doesn’t meet current National Operating Committee for Standards of Athletic Equipment specifications.

The tweet doesn’t specify Brown by name, but reads “The player can’t practice or play in games with equipment that’s not approved. If he doesn’t play or practice, he is in breach of his contract and doesn’t get paid. NFL policy is that Helmets have to be certified by NOSCAE. They don’t certify equipment that’s old than 10 years.”

It got to the point where he was so insistent on wearing his preferred helmet that Brown filed a grievance against the NFL and indicated he was willing to walk away from football entirely unless he’s allowed to keep playing in the equipment, he feels comfortable with.

What does Jon Gruden say about Antonio Brown Dispute with NFL?

Jon Gruden acknowledged the conundrum the Raiders faced following Saturday night’s 14-3 exhibition win over the Rams at the Coliseum.

“The helmet thing is a personal matter to him,” Gruden said. “He has a strong feeling about what he’s worn on his head and we’re supporting him. And we understand the league’s position as well so we’re in a tough spot. And we hope Antonio is back here soon because he’s exciting to be around. I’ve got some plays for him. I hope we can start calling them.”

What was the loophole Brown found and how did NFL tackle that loophole?

Brown filed a grievance against the NFL, the NFL won, and Brown couldn’t wear his helmet. However, it seemed there was a loophole: If Brown could find another Schutt AiR Advantage made in the past 10 years, he could wear it. The company the NFL uses to certify helmets wouldn’t certify one more than 10 years old. Brown asked on social media if anyone had an AiR Advantage, which Schutt no longer makes, that was less than 10 years old.

There was a twist on Saturday. The NFL won’t allow a newer Schutt AiR Advantage to be used, according to Pro Football Talk. And Brown is unhappy again.

Which other Players are being Affected by the New NFL Rules?

Other players are affected by the helmet change, such as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, but aren’t taking a hard line.

“I’ve been experimenting with a couple different ones, and I don’t really love the one that I’m in, but I don’t really have much of a choice,” Brady said Monday

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